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Compose a message to anyone - just type in their email address
and choose $5, $10, $25, $50 or $100 as an incentive!
Oh, and it includes a 7-day-no-reply-full-refund in case you were wondering.
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Ever sent an email to someone and didn't get a response back? It's not that they don't like you (in most cases) - they're just swamped with emails from hundreds of people asking for advise!

Now compare the typical message that asks for something with one that offers an incentive, $100 in this case; which one do you think the recipient is more likely to open and respond to? Not the one from Donkey of course (though Fiona was an exception) :P


Sending an email is easy, but getting a response is the challenge and until now you would have no way to get that much desired response. Use SenderPays to get Noticed, Pay an Incentive that you think the recipient is worth and Get that Response!

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